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Hi, welcome to our fossil collecting website. We are three fossil hunters from Virginia and Maryland and this is our site dedicated to the fossils that we have collected. While at our collecting site you will be able to find a catalog of our fossil trips and the specimens that we have found. At the moment we mostly house vertebrate fossil ray and fossil shark teeth such as Carcharocles Megalodon teeth. We also host a wide variety of vertebrate fossils including marine mammals like whale and dolphins as well as land mammals such as saber cats and giant pigs. The vertebrates are rounded out with reptiles including crocodiles and turtles, bony fish and birds. You can also find invertebrates such as nautiloids, crabs and mollusks. We also have found a couple artifacts while out searching for teeth and skulls as well. We have had the pleasure of collecting formations from the Permian, Jurassic, Triassic, Cretaceous, Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene and the Pleistocene. Our fossil collection has been gathered from collecting sites around the United states as well as sites around the world. A few notable well known locations we have fossil collected would be calvert cliffs Maryland, lee creek mine Aurora North Carolina, peace river Florida, shark tooth hill Bakersfield California. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just to let us know what you think about the site. If your kids are asking you what are fossils and are interested in where to find fossils then i recommend contacting one of your local fossil or rock clubs, they should be able to help you find a location near by.


I've been adding a few videos to our youtube channel, be sure to check them out and subscribe to us there. Thanks, Mel

Finding a sweet megalodon tooth
hunting backj in January of 15
finding a bunch a stuff including a big meg
bunch of goodies here including a large chubutensis
Great North Carolina quarry hunt back in the day

Collecting so far this year has been good, check out spoils!!.

1-7-17 1-14-17 1-15-17 1-21-17 1-25-17 1-26-17

1-27-17 2-4-17 2-5-17 2-9-17 2-11-17

First update of the new year, some of these trips were really good.

11-12-16 11-13-16 11-19-16 11-20-16 11-22-16 11-25-16

11-26-16 12-3-16 12-4-16 12-9-16 12-17-16 12-18-16

Added twenty one more trips, a bunch of awesome was found on some of them.

7-12-16 7-12-16 7-24-16 7-28-16 8-6-16

8-13-16 8-20-16 8-29-16 9-3-16 9-4-16

9-5-16 9-26-16 10-1-16 10-2-16 10-9-16

10-15-16 10-16-16 10-22-16 10-23-16 10-29-16 10-30-16

Added more trips, some of these were great.

7-26-15 12-19-15 1-18-16

1-23-16 3-5-16 3-6-16 6-4-16

Added a few more trips, most of which were great.

4-16-16 4-24-16 5-2-16 5-7-16 5-30-16

6-19-16 6-20-16 6-26-16 7-2-16

If you haven't done so already be sure and check out our sales site on FB. We are clearing out a bunch of fossils that we purchased

Collecting has been good added a bunch of trips with some great finds

11-21-15 12-27-15 1-9-16 1-16-16 1-17-16

1-18-16 2-6-16 2-13-16 2-20-16 2-21-16 2-28-16

3-13-16 3-27-16 3-31-16 4-2-16 4-3-16

Added a few trips

1-29-11 1-30-11 6-17-12 7-13-13 7-20-13

7-28-13 8-3-13 4-19-15 9-12-15 10-4-15

Added a bunch of trips from earlier last year. Some great some terrible

2-1-15 2-8-15 6-14-15 6-21-15 7-30-15

8-8-15 8-9-15 8-15-15 8-16-15 9-13-15 11-8-15