Phatfossils - Hoplophoneus Primaevus, Oligocene Saber Toothed Cat

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Hoplophoneus Primaevus, Oligocene Saber Toothed Cat

A Hoplophoneus Primaevus is a prehistoric nimravid commonly referred to as a saber cat from the Oligocene epoch. This specimen was recovered in Nebraska back in 2009 after some heavy rains. The sediment it was in was super hard so it took three days of decent digging and a broken knife to get it out of the ground in a jacket and back to the car. I have to admit I was getting a little worried at first when I had only come across the one lower jaw, ribs and leg bones. It wasn't until the beginning of the third day that I saw the orbital ridge and a huge carnassial which finally verified I had the skull wish I had pictures of that.

Some different times during the excavation, wish I had taken more pictures here. You can see how much material I had to move. That's my brother in the last photo, he helped my flip the jacket and carry it out.
Man this Hoplophoneus saber cat fossil is just amazing. The skull measures 6.75" in length and has superb sabers. There was a small amount of skeletal remains found as well. The largest leg bone measures 6".