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Fossil colleting trip taken on 10-2-16 by Mel

**Mouse over a fossil picture for an enlarged view. Click on the species name to see all the other fossils we have found from that species
Had a pretty good day fossil collecting today. Three complete megalodons,one close to three and some nice makos one of which is starting to serrate. Got a croc tooth that has seen some better days.
Carcharocles Megalodon

Another worn meg
Carcharocles Megalodon

old worn tooth
Carcharocles Megalodon

Colorful serrated lower megalodon tooth
Crocodile Tooth

This croc tooth has seen some better days
Isurus Hastalis

Great mako shark tooth
Isurus Sp.

Real nice mako that is starting to serrate. There are fine serrations up near the root extending about half way down