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Fossil colleting trip taken on 10-29-16 by Mel

**Mouse over a fossil picture for an enlarged view. Click on the species name to see all the other fossils we have found from that species
Went out on a boat today with some friends, Jack, Trevor, Chuck and my brother and father. We hit up a bunch of different sites and I did pretty good at most of them. Started off with the larger mako tooth at the first site, after this my day had been made. At the second site I decided to do some sieving, on the second sieve load I spot the killer serrated giant thresher, what a tooth, by far the best I have ever found. I rounded the day out with a small rick and an old worn dugong tooth and nice limb bone
Alopias Grandis

Phenomenal serrated giant thresher shark tooth. They don't get much better!!!
Carcharocles Auriculatus

Small Ric with a tip ding

Old worn dugong tooth

Here we have a dugong limb bone, the first I have found. Measures 7.5" by 2.63
Isurus Hastalis

Thick lower fossil mako tooth