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Fossil Display Cases and Riker Mounts

Once you find your fossils what do you do with them? This is a question i often get from people trying to determine the best way to handle their fossil shark tooth display case or their enite fossil display. There are various ways to store and display various types of fossils, we will go over a few below. Clicking on an image will take you to view more detaild information about the fossil display case or riker mount

Gem jars

Gem jars are an excelent way to display smaller fossils suchs as fossil shark teeth. They come in various sizes such as 50 1" cups or 24 1 3/4" cups for larger items. You can get them in either black or white and there are various cases for them such as plain stackable plastic ones to glass enclosed ones.

Riker mounts

Riker mounts are great for storing larger items, such as larger mako and megalodon shark teeth or mammal jaws like oreodonts and such. As with the gem gars they come in various sizes, ones with a greater depth will do better for larger items whereas shorter depth ones would work better for smaller items.

Display Drawers

When first starting out, for display drawers i would reccomnd some basic plasic ones until you grow out of them. Once you can no longe fit your collection in them i reccomend flat files, these things are amazing for storing and dispalying fossils,by far my favorite way to do so! They can be pricey but they are worth the price and much cheaper then custom wood work.

Bulk storage

If you are looking to just seperate a few of your fossils out by locality and type then hardware boxes and or drawers are the way to go. When it comes to the boxes the kinds with the adjustable bins are the best since you can form fit them to your needs. For bulk storage of large quantities small bins can be used