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Miocene Sharktooth Hill Round Mountain Silt Ernst Ranch Kern Co. California

I want to thank Doren for sending me matrix from the Miocene, Round Mountain Silt, Sharktooth Hill Fauna from the Ernst Ranch in Bakersfield, California. I received a medium USPS flat rate box of raw matrix. I soaked the matrix in hot water for several hours and then washed it with water using a .4mm sieve to catch the really small teeth. I wound up with around 3 cups of matrix to search. I'm posting some of the nicer specimens that I found in the matrix. There were a high number of nice conditioned shark and ray specimens, some fish teeth and a mammal tooth in the matrix. Most of the teeth are very light colored so I took the pictures with a black background. Taking pictures with a black background is a lot more difficult and takes more time so I usually use white backgrounds if I can.

If you place your cursor on a JPEG image you will see the file name which will have the specimen id as best that I can determine and the specimen size. These specimens were in the .5mm to 10mm size range.

Some of the nicer shark teeth:


Cetorhinus huddlestoni teeth, several teeth with a single cusplet, and a gill raker. Teeth with a single cusplet are not as common as teeth without a cusplet:




A small Mako:

I believe this tooth is a Physogaleus symphyseal. The tooth is serrated:





Some of the nicer ray teeth:




Myliobatis lateral teeth:

Raja, which are pretty rare from Bakersfield. I had only found two before and I have looked through a lot of fine .5mm to 1mm Bakersfield matrix:


Dermal scutes:

Dermal Denticle:

I only found a small number of fish teeth:

I found a single damaged Odontocete tooth:

Fish pelvic girdle:

Marco Sr.