Phatfossils - Pleistocene Melbourne Bone Bed Indian River Florida

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Pleistocene Melbourne Bone Bed Indian River Florida

Pleistocene micros from Merritt Island, Florida Pleistocene ray, fish, salamander, frog, snake, lizard and mammal specimens from matrix from the Melbourne Bone Bed from the Indian River, Florida. This matrix was basically shells with fossil specimens. This was an extremely interesting matrix to search because of the large number of mammal and small reptile specimens. It also contained a good amount of amphibian specimens which I haven’t seen before in matrix. There were marine specimens also like fish specimens but the shark teeth were pretty beat and there were only a couple of ray specimens.

If you mouse over the pictures you will see the file name which has the specimen size and my best effort at identification.

Below is a gem jar display which shows some of the nicer specimens that I found. Double clique the photo to see an enlarged version. The gem jar cups are 1.75 inches in diameter for size reference of the specimens.

This is what is in each gem jar:

1 Lizard and snake vertebrae

2 Lizard and snake vertebrae

3 Interesting specimens that I need to id

4 Lizard jaws, mostly anole

5 Salamander vertebrae

6 Mammal teeth

7 Mammal teeth

8 Amphibian jaws (or don’t look like lizard)

9 Frog specimens

10 Mammal bones

11 Crab claw tips

12 Fish specimens (jaw fragments, teeth, scales, otoliths, and vertebrae)

13 Claws

14 Scales/Diodontid tooth plates

15 Ray tooth and barb

16 Scale/turtle shell fragments

Below are some pictures of some individual specimens.


I found a single Dasyatis tooth:



Drum Tooth:

Fish jaws/plates:

Pieces from a Diodontid tooth plate:

There were a lot of jaw fragments:


Lizard (Anole):

Lizard (Not sure of genus):


Lots of Mammal Teeth:

Possum: P1 or P2

The rest I need to id but most are rodent teeth:

Lots of other bones:




Multiple views of a Colubrid snake vertebra:

Additional vertebrae:


Multiple views of a salamander trunk vertebra:

Additional vertebrae:

Marco Sr.