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what is a fossil?

Parotodus Benendeni

Fossil shark Oligocene to Pliocene epoch

**Mouse over a fossil for a slightly enlarged view of the specimen and to show collector info. Click on an image to have it open full size in a new window.

a shame the root is busted

A great tooth for my first Paratodus. This tooth has a perfect blade and very nice root. George Powell maybe the leading expert on these identified this as a juvenile.

Second one that I found at this site. My sons are still looking. I don't find megs but I do find other nice stuff.

Such a shame this tooth has a tip ding. My first Miocene Paratodus

Totally blew my mind when I found this tooth. First one that I have found in 30 years. Didn't know they could be found at this site. My son was in front of me for almost two hours and I find this two minutes after I passed him.

The bummer tooth of the trip. Someone kicked of the root of this tooth. I looked everywhere but could not find it.

This tooth is about as nice as they come. I was very happy when i found this.