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what is a fossil?


Fossil unknown
**Mouse over a fossil for a slightly enlarged view of the specimen and to show collector info. Click on an image to have it open full size in a new window.

Can't identify this one but it is definitely a tooth. It has a defined root and a worn chewing surface

Not sure what kind of mammal this tooth came from

Not sure what this is. Most likley it is a busted tip of a shark tooth. However it is very thin and a odd serrations

not sure what type of tooth this is

Must be peice of either a dino tooth or a reptile tooth

Some sort of tooth with a peice of jaw section. The tooth looks mammal like.

Not sure what this is. Found it in cretaceous matrix. Looks almost like half a nut or something. Also measure 1/4" by 1/4"

Not exactly sure what this is. Really looks like some type of partial mouth plate. My best guest would be a chimaera plate, kinda looks like the paleocenes ones i find

I know this is a tone bone i'm just not sure from what. Doesn't look like the croc ones I have looked at. Paleocene in age, if you think you know shoot me an email

Might be croc but i dont think so because it gets to flat towards the bottom.

Not sure what kind of jaw piece this is.

Not sure if this is a croc leg bone or a large land mammal

Not sure what type of animal this is from

Not sure what kind of claw this is but it is awesome. Any idea what animal it came from drop me a email

Not quite sure what this is. It measures 3 1/4 by 1 3/4 wide and 1 1/4 deep. Any clues send me an email

I'm listing this as unkown because i don't know where else to put it. What we have here is a piece of trash with a manatee vert and a dolphin tooth fused to it. Kinda cool

Not sure whate this is. Also measure 2.5 across. It almost looks like a billfish bill. It is from the paleocene. Might just be a turtle flipper bone or something but i don't think so. Any ideas drop me an email