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Unknown Shark

Fossil shark
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Not sure what this tooth is. This tooth has no serations and does not appear to be worn

May be an anterior hound tooth but not sure

I have no clue what this tooth is. It doesn't appear to be broke but then who really knows. It kinda looks like a nurse but it is very flat.

Can't seem to locate this in any of my eocene books on this area. Looks like a non serated hound or maybee a tope.

Not quite sure what kind of tooth this is. I believe it to be oglicene in age.

Is this a pathy or a odd species. Most likley a pathy, i like the serrations where the one cusp should be

Not sure at the moment what this is. I see some species it might fit into but not positive at the moment. I'll do more research later.

Not quite sure what this Miocene shark tooth directly out of the eastover formation is from, perhaps lamna nasus?

Not sure what species this is. The crown is flat and wide. Missing one cusp.