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Xiphodolamia Ensis

Fossil shark Eocene epoch

**Mouse over a fossil for a slightly enlarged view of the specimen and to show collector info. Click on an image to have it open full size in a new window.

This is a rare Eocene lateral tooth from the Nanjemoy Formation in Maryland. The roots of lateral teeth are similar to those of six and seven gill shark teeth.

great lateral ensis

Nice lateral tooth.

Great ensis these are not to common around here

A little root damage

This ensis tooth has been kicking around for a while

Razor sharp Xiphodolamia but with some damage

This is a Xiphodolamia Ensis missing the root. From what I've seen these teeth are not to common

Nice anrerior tooth

NNice Ensis, haven't found one of these in a long time

Great tooth, i don't find these to often

Rare Eocene shark tooth from the Nanjemoy Formation of Maryland with some root damage.