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Fossil collecting trip taken on 2-9-17 by Mel

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The recent conditions had me thinking I needed to get out to the beach. Driving over a creak on the way back from lunch told me I needed to do it today. Headed down to the beach immediately noticed the conditions looked great. Was not even collecting for ten minutes when I scored 2 3/4" meg barely exposed in the sand, few steps later I get the 2" mako. I figured this was going to be the start to one of the those days. Then it went quite, real quite, I picked up on small tooth here or there. I was on the very lart stretch of beach before you turn around and in about a five minuted period I scored the awesome, razor serrated, just under 4" megalodon and the killer razor sharp, 2 3/4" lower mako tooth. So blessed with all the awesome stuff I have been finding lately
Carcharodon Hastalis

Nice mako shark tooth
Carcharodon Hastalis

Super awesome, razor sharp lower mako shark tooth
Otodus Megalodon

Sharp serrated lower megalodon shark tooth
Otodus Megalodon

Awesome, razor serrated megalodon shark tooth with minor feeding damage to the tip