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Fossil collecting trip taken on 3-24-17 by Mel

**Mouse over a fossil picture for an enlarged view. Click on the species name to see all the other fossils we have found from that species
My buddy dave was coming down for the weekend to do some fossil shark tooth hunting, this was our first stop. I ended up doing real well at this site with a awesome colored retroflexus, a larger desori and some chubs. I also scored an awesome nautiloid and a peccary jaw. The peccary jaw is not shown because I traded it to dave along with some other stuff for the tip of my lopwer gomp tusk he found the next day. I am still very gratefull for that
Anotodus Retroflexus

I love the color on this large retroflexus shark tooth
Hercoglossa Tuomeyi

Awesome handful of a nautiloid
Isurus Desori

Larger desori in great condition
Otodus Chubutensis

Chubutensis tooth
Otodus Chubutensis

Sweet Chubutensis shark tooth
Shark Vert

Miocene shark ver
Shark Vert

Lamnid shark vert