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Fossil collecting trip taken on 7-24-16 by Mel

**Mouse over a fossil picture for an enlarged view. Click on the species name to see all the other fossils we have found from that species
Had a great day while out fossil collecting, found lots of different species of animals. Found a few smaller otodus is nice shape along with two ray mouth plates. Also found a phyllodus and a nice wrasse that is now in a few pieces
Crocodile Jaw

Cool little croc jaw. 1.8" long x .82" wide. The biggest tooth including root is 1.13"
Otodus Obliquus

Otodus Obliquus

Otodus Obliquus

Otodus Obliquus

Otodus Obliquus

Phyllodus Sp.

Fish mouth plate
Ray Plate

Sweet ray plate
Ray Plate

Paleocene ray plate
Wrasse Sp.

All of these pieces are associated. Not sure if they were all one, upper vs lower or not