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Fossil collecting trip taken on 10-29-16 by Mel

**Mouse over a fossil picture for an enlarged view. Click on the species name to see all the other fossils we have found from that species
Went out on a boat today with some friends, Jack, Trevor, Chuck and my brother and father. We hit up a bunch of different sites and I did pretty good at most of them. Started off with the larger mako tooth at the first site, after this my day had been made. At the second site I decided to do some sieving, on the second sieve load I spot the killer serrated giant thresher, what a tooth, by far the best I have ever found. I rounded the day out with a small rick and an old worn dugong tooth and nice limb bone
Alopias Grandis

Phenomenal serrated giant thresher shark tooth. They don't get much better!!!
Carcharodon Hastalis

Thick lower fossil mako tooth

Old worn dugong tooth

Here we have a dugong limb bone, the first I have found. Measures 7.5" by 2.63
Otodus Auriculatus

Small Ric with a tip ding